In a word of utmost cheapness, mediocrity, quick fixes, want it first and now attitudes and blindly following the crowd into the endless void of nothingness - right in the midst of all we are here to be different by finding that lost soul of our very own imperfect organic being. Gurutee is not just another clothing brand, its not about the number of products, Its about a mindset.

Since our launch back in October 2012, this is our first properly designed and planned website. Everything is in place now, especially the shop, the blog and everything else we think is important and needs to be pushed around. We have super exciting ideas/project planned for the future, stay with us and join our team by subscribing to our blog. - Thank you for being part of our amazing team.

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When you want to do something in your life, you have to do it, no matter what. I've always wanted to make a career out of Design, but I didn't think it was possible to make a living and ditch the 9 to 5 work routine. I decided to work for a while in the advertising Industry. It was a safe job and a serious job, but the artistic side of it attracted me, more and more,  And I kept thinking about ditching the whole setup.nI secretly hoped that this hobby would eventually turn into a job and it did, but even if it didn't, it was fine by me, I worked because it satisfied me.nThen suddenly with time, slowly and gradually it started to become monotonous and boring, it was less of a fun/dream and more of a work that others dictated, without any input from my end.nThe period of boredom was difficult, I started to question things which led to many other questions, It took a long time to get out of it and it does its a normal things especially when you are a young artist and still trying find that spark.
GuruTee was born out of that dark and gray period of my life.nSince the start of GuruTee I have learned a lot of things, things related to life, relationships and yes, business as well.nThere is no right or wrong way to run a business.nThere is no such thing as perfect timing for anything, you want to do something? just get your hands dirty and do it ASAP.nJust because some big ass business person told you to do something doesn't mean you have to, go with your gut, do what feels right and always remember people matter!, may i add "Only the right people matter" yes dispose off the bad ones ASAP. it might sound a cliche but there is a reason its a cliche.nWith all that, welcome to the new GuruTee - naved ahmed


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Naved Ahmed, Founder/Designer - Gurutee